My Newest Project: “Middle Kindling | A Collection of Audio Meditations To Stoke Your Creative Recovery”

I am in the creation-phase of a brand new collection of audio meditations.   

This particular collection is for women “in the middle” who find themselves in a creative/artistic dry place.  This collection will minister to women whose creative springs have been choked by grief or depression or the non-stop, titanic waves of transition that tend to characterize midlife.  


These brief audio meditations will be delivered Monday-Friday, over the course of one month (4 weeks).  They will launch in May, but will be available after May as a digital product that you can register for and join at any time.  You will then receive your first Middle Kindling meditation on the following Monday, and then daily after that, M-F format, for four successive weeks. 

This collection will also include a surprise or least one art instructional video, and a beautiful, downloadable transcript of each day’s devotional.  

My first collection of audio meditations entitled “Middle Distance” is receiving wonderful reviews.  I have every reason to pray and believe that this second audio collection will minister to the listeners as much and more as the first collection.

More details and link to sign up for Middle Kindling is here

Details and link to sign up for “Middle Distance” is here. 





Disruptor or Peculiar?


We are in a day and time when peculiar behavior is the new bad behavior, and “more” is the new average.  

When something appeals to the masses, it has had the peculiar, uncool, real and remarkable removed from it. It has soft edges, it looks great in low or artificial light.  We want our entertainment and our spirituality, our clothing and our relationships to come from the equivalent of Target:  with the popular story lines, agendas, and styles;  with just enough tradition to feel familiar, but with that exciting flair that masquerades as “disruptive”, and all the smooth, egalitarian kindnesses that look so well behaved and cool but don’t cost too much.

Anything curated to appeal to the most people has been curated on behalf of the masses;  and the masses are untethered, yet behave in certain predictable ways, that’s why they can be skillfully marketed to.  The masses can embrace disruptive behavior, because the masses are tolerant of extremes, but they are not tolerant of peculiar behavior.

“But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people  - that you should show forth the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.”