Fresh Off The Easel {...thoughts behind “Go Lightly”...}


“Go Lightly” - 11x14” acrylic and acrylic gouache on canvas. Available, with FREE SHIPPING if you grab it before I can properly photograph it and post it to my shop.  (Post edit:  this piece has sold.  Thank you.)

Thoughts behind this abstract original:

So much to love about the above Aldous Huxley quote. As a woman who is older and (hopefully) wiser, one of the top 3 things I'd want to impart to all women of all ages:  the ability to  lighten up. I believe you’re better off to take only 2 things in life seriously:  Scripture and your own example to others.

Everything else, including your own negative feelings, could be carried lightly and let go.

For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light..." (Eph. 5:8)

Live as CHILDREN. Children of light. If you’ll allow me an obvious poetic license, to be “light in the Lord” doesn’t have to mean just “daylight-light”.  It could also mean “light-as-a-bubble-light”. That's a play on words, of course. But it could preach, teach, and write a whole book, and I give it to you as my gift.

Children play. I think the most significant characteristic of a child is their un-selfconscious play.  

We are coming into some precious holidays. Go play. Live as children-of-light. Because life is so heavy, and deep sadness is so real, you absolutely must let your heart be light.

I swoon with happiness over this thought:  now I am light in the Lord.  Not weighed down.  Not oppressed.  Not heavy.  I'm light in the Lord.  Free-floating-flying-feet-dancing-light!