My Newest Online Course Launches Soon

I hope you will join me for my next online art course, combining poetry and creative writing with paint!

The class is called “Playing With Fire // Poetry and Paint as Kindling”, and it will be my third course that I have created for my friend Jeanne Oliver’s beautiful creative community.

My Newest Online Class Launches Soon

Whether your thing is creative writing (prose/poetry) or sketch or collage or abstract or learning what I call “studio best practices” -

whether you are interested in spiritual journaling, Lectio Divina, or simply how to slow down and really see your own life, my next course has something so spacious and good in store for you.  You can skim it and love it, or you can go deep, deep with it, and it will radically transform.

Oh, for sure.

But first, register at the early bird price!  This price goes away in a week or so! The link is here