New Original In The Shop

“Lakeside Blue Hour, Dusk”

Lakeside Blue HourWM.jpg

Inspired by a secret getaway place of mine.

Tucked away, where very few even know, is a dreamy lake spot, complete with floating dock. It is minutes from my home, and open to the public. (Hence, I keep its location a top secret.) I go there to sketch and unwind and exhale and dream. I go there at all times of the day, but my favorite by far is just after sundown, during that summertime “blue hour”.

18x24” original, rendered in acrylic, conte, charcoal, and soft pastel, signed in my “signature” soft gold. This painting, and its luscious print (I truly wish you could see both, side by side!) are available here in my shop.

A big thank you to each of my collectors. The fact that you allow me to be one of your family’s artist-makers is never lost on me. It is a wonder and a privilege, with every original and print sold.