Reframe, For A Full-Circle Blessing

full circle.jpg

Things have happened over the past week and weekend, that have brought important parts of my life “full circle”. I will write more about what happened later.

First, I want to touch on why it happened. I want to talk about why these “full circle” moments were even possible. They were made possible because they were given space to take place - because long ago I chose to never make a big decision with an unwell soul. Rather, I stayed my course, resisting “change for the sake of change”.

The Spirit had given me a certain perspective. It was up to me to then choose it. I obeyed it.

Perspective frames the whole story we are telling ourselves about ourselves and about others closest to us. Perspective is the lever that either moves mountains, or the catapult that crushes what would otherwise have been possibility.

Perspective is a choice. It is a function of the heart, and it guides the whole of the art that is our life.

Some time back, in what seems like another lifetime, though not that long ago, the Preacher had a conversation with a couple who were making big decisions from an unwell soul. He tried valiantly to offer another perspective, and to convince them to choose it. Instead, the husband replied in smooth, measured, cool tones, “Well. You always said someone’s perspective is their reality. My perspective is my reality”, basically using my husband’s own words against him. (The Pharisees did this to Jesus all the time.)

Immediately, I felt such pain for them. Because I heard Holy Spirit say, “They have chosen.” I knew, right then, this person’s perspective would in fact become their reality. It did not have to be so. We are given a gift called “repentance”. And it simply means we are always invited to choose a better story. Another perspective.


Oh, reframe!