Fresh Off the Easel {Obsessed With Murmurations}

Have you heard of a murmuration?

Simply put, a murmuration is a flock of starlings in flight.  However, Grainger Hunt, senior scientist at the Peregrine Fund, describes a murmuration this way:  “a dazzling cloud, swirling, pulsating, drawing together to the thinnest of waists, then wildly twisting in pulses of enlargement and diminution...” 

I rather like his definition.

About a month ago, I finished this piece, and posted the image to my IG feed:



The next day, The Preacher and I went to the Smokies in the afternoon.  Once we returned to cell service range, my phone buzzed several times.

This painting would have sold FOUR times.

So...I am working on another, as we speak.  

Also, if you haven't seen this video of a murmuration're welcome.  Prepare to be amazed.