My New Creative Writing and Art Course Goes Live Today

My next course, my third in collaboration with Jeanne Oliver’s creative network, is titled:

Playing With Fire: Poetry and Paint As Kindling

To celebrate the launch, I designed a new offering, and it is up and available, in my shop, RIGHT NOW.

The image of the point of an arrow becoming the nib of a pen…it came to me in a flash last year, and quite simply, I was never the same.


I was inspired by the ultimate badass poet: King David in the Bible. I was also deeply impacted by the movement and momentum created in my life over the entire year 2018, when I took up journaling as if my life depended on it. I wrote down every word I heard the Lord say to me! (No exaggeration.)

It. was. game-changing.

And He proved every word true…all the way down to things I wrote down and dated, noting to myself that I sensed the Lord telling me it would come to pass “within the year”…and one year to the day later (June 28, 2019, in case anyone is curious) it was deeply, clearly brought to pass.

Take your words and make them arrows that you use to target your big, beautiful outcome. Let my new class (and maybe this shirt) remind and motivate you.

Working On a New Online Class

I’m so excited to share that I am currently hard at work on my third online class - a class dedicated to the idea of combining poetry (both the reading and the writing) with painting.

This has long been a subject near and dear to my heart. (On my Instagram, check out the hashtag #poetryandpaintinggotogether ).

Why have I felt so full of this topic, combining poetry with painting, for so long? Mostly, because a full 1/3 of the Bible was written as poetry. This tells me that not only is God the original artist…He is also the original poet. In fact, He may have been a poet before He was artist - at least where it concerns you and me. Because before there was anything - there was His word.

Then, there is the fact that the largest, longest book in Scripture, the book of Psalms, was written by a man who many politely call a “warrior-poet”. King David, the man after God’s own heart. Well. Pardon me please, but I can’t think of a better description of David, other than “the man after God’s own heart”, than “badass poet”.

Last but not least, I have been overjoyed to discover that…y’all….poets walk among us! They look like your daughter or your pastor or your neighbor - but, deep inside, many are also “Bad Ass Poets”. They pick up poetry as a weapon to force big emotions to surrender. They bring those big emotions, with their words, into a space where those otherwise overwhelming feelings are made subservient to the poet’s passion for God.


I will be sure to come back and let you know both how things are progressing and when the class launches. I will be launching it inside the creative network of my one of my dearest friends Jeanne Oliver’s creative network. In the meantime, I covet your prayers, because this is hard work. I write, film, do all the art, and then edit and upload everything for each and every class. I have no help at this time. The workflow is enormous. (I’ve been in preliminary discussions with a video production company. I dream of using Sherwood Media someday, when I am ready to launch classes on this website. Check them out!)

And So

In the middle, the stakes are real, and so are the choices.

Taking action is not an option. It is a function of faith.

Taking action is not an option. It is a function of faith.

I get to choose.

I can live as though there is no fight between light and dark

as though very little is of big significance

with no circumstance related to another

or I can live as though there

is a God who


and an enemy who spies

thus, light and dark collide in a fight that’s been decided

but is contested


all is significant and the push back is not in my head

it is not just imbedded in genetics

it is real.