Gift Certificate


Gift Certificate


(To be redeemed for product only. This certificate cannot be applied whatsoever towards shipping charges. Thank you for understanding.)

Please select from below how much you want your gift certificate to be, in $25 increments. You will receive an email within 24 hours ( or even sooner, if you indicate you need it sooner). Your beautiful certificate is as shown (minus the lovely twinkle lights...though they are highly recommended when you present your gift).

You will receive a 2 page attachment, that prints as one foldable card. Your recipient will have a personal code inside the card, that she applies during the check-out process. That code will automatically reduce her order by the amount of your generous gift!

Simply print the first page, then feed the page back into your printer (however your printer works for double sided printing) and print the second page. Check it to be sure you got it right, fold it, and you are good to go.

Inside the card says:


A Gift of (the amount you specify) 
Towards anything your heart desires

Head to
Use this code when you check out: "XXXXX" 
Have fun!"

(...and there is room at the bottom of the card to write a personal message from you...)

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