I'm So Glad You Are Here


I'm very moved and stirred in my heart that you are here in this brand-new space with me, at the launch of many brand-new things, both in my personal life and in my business.  

First, and obviously, this website.  I mean, seriously.  Isn't it so fresh?  So updated?  So much more "me"?  It is a much better reflection of who I am, and the new place I find myself in my creative business.



Speaking of initiative, the second new thing I'm delighted to announce, is the Nov. 20th launch of my second online class "The Women of Advent":









Once again, I am partnering with the gorgeous and prolific  Jeanne Oliver and would love it if you could join me over on her creative network!  Jeanne is one of my very sweetest friends, and collaborating with her is always a joy.  I believe that no artist is an island, and no woman is either, for that matter.  We need to collaborate to be successful. 

The course is only $48 for 4 weeks of both soul-stirring devotional content, and 4 weeks of technique-rich art instruction, centered around my book "The Women of Advent" (available here at Amazon.com).  

This course was created with you in mind.  It is a fresh take on the season of Advent!  We will focus on slowing down and savoring the season, and take some time to make some art.  We will paint and sketch the faces of the beautiful women found in the old testament genealogy of Jesus, as we imagine them to have been.

Here is one of the promotional trailers:

There is so much more ahead in 2018 - most of it I can't even talk about yet, but it is amazing.  

Let me tell you:  God's favorite thing is to come along and awaken and energize middle aged women into their next purpose,  and sequel-destiny.  If that's you - if you are, or someday want to be, a middle aged woman who is one of the few who isn't self-focused, jaded, or depressed...you are in the right place.  

If you are, or someday hope to become, a middle aged woman who is creatively alive, present, joyful, sensual (in all the best ways - living embodied and in all your senses), and a woman who walks in friendship with God...girlfriend.  You are in the right place.

Let's do this new thing together.  Many of you have hung out with me for a lot of years.

The best is yet to come.